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Shiva Raj Gautam

Shiva Raj Gautam: The Resonating Sound of Nepal

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        My location Anamnagar, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal
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Music, in its vast domain, has always been an expression of the soul. Among the luminaries who have gracefully glided their way to a prominent place in the musical realm is Shiva Raj Gautam. With his saxophone as his magic wand, Gautam has not only mesmerized audiences worldwide but has also shared the power and passion of music through his teachings.

Educational Foray into Music

Hailing from a land known for its rich cultural traditions and melodious rhythms, Gautam polished his inherent talent at the Barakhtulla International College in Bhopal, India. With a diploma in music to his credit, he not only acquired the technical knowledge but also imbibed the very essence of music.

An Illustrious Journey with the Saxophone

Having played the saxophone in over 250 musical pieces, Shiva Raj Gautam's association with this mesmerizing instrument is no ordinary one. His tunes evoke emotions, tell tales, and make even the hardest of hearts melt. The saxophone, under Gautam's adept fingers, ceases to be just an instrument; it becomes a living, breathing entity, articulating tales of love, despair, joy, and hope.

The Nepali Melodic Signature

Gautam’s contributions to the Nepali music scene are undeniable. Involved in an array of genres, he has lent his unique touch to filmi songs, pop numbers, modern tracks, and patronise songs. Each rendition has his distinct signature, making it resonate with both the young and the old.

The Stage Legend

A dynamic performer, Gautam has enchanted audiences in over 500 stage shows. His charisma, combined with his unparalleled skills, makes each performance a memorable spectacle. With every note, he not only plays the saxophone but also the heartstrings of those listening.

Passing on the Legacy: The Music Teacher

While many artists excel in their craft, only a few take the noble route of imparting their knowledge. Shiva Raj Gautam stands tall among them as a dedicated music teacher. His lessons go beyond the mere technicalities of music. He teaches passion, dedication, and the art of soulful expression. To many of his students, he's not just a teacher; he's the bridge that connects them to the vast world of music.

In conclusion, Shiva Raj Gautam's legacy in the world of music is not just about the songs he has played or the shows he has performed. It's about the lives he has touched, the students he has inspired, and the timeless melodies that will continue to echo for generations to come.


Bachelors Degree With 15+ Years Experience, Music Director Seeking for a Mixed Job in the Art & Entertainment Sector.

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My location

Anamnagar, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal


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