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Scooter & Motorcycle Umbrella ( Rain & Dust Cover ) ORIGINAL

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Scooter & Motorcycle Umbrella ( Rain & Dust Cover )

A scooter umbrella is not like a normal umbrella which we should hold by ourselves with our hands. It is a newly designed umbrella that can be fixed in our motorbike / Scooter itself without any problem. It works like a rooftop and serves us in various seasons.

Scooter umbrella has made us easy to travel everywhere no matter what kind of rough season is; so, using motorbike umbrella has been really beneficial in our daily life. Advantages ............. Now that motorbike umbrellas have been introduced we no longer have to worry about drastic changes in the season which make our daily travel in bike Scotty difficult.

Since it serves as a rooftop for our motorbikes, we can be safe from rain. That’s why we don’t need to carry a normal umbrella. Not only that also protects us from sunlight and excess heat of the sun and works as shade in the summer season. In the winter season, it can prevent us from cold wind since it is windproof and it serves as the windscreen of our motorbikes…. In this way, there are lots of advantages of motorbike umbrellas.

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समान सिमित रहेकोले चाडै सम्पर्क गर्नुहोला । जे चाईयो ,त्यो घरमै पाईयो !! 'हामी तपाईंको सेवक हौं, हामीलाई सेवा गर्ने एक मौका दिनुहोस्' धन्यवाद...।


To be updated NPR 2,800.00 New for Sale at Thankot, Chandragiri, Nepal.

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Thankot, Chandragiri, Nepal


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