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Annapurna trek - well organized trek
 · 5 months ago
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Karine denommee
My husband and I did 10 days Annapurna trek with the guide and a porter provided by Everest rhino Travel.
Annapurna Range is beautiful, the Nepalis and others we met along the way were mostly gracious and friendly and 8 days long trek was challenging. We hiked several hours each day, with the longest being 6 hours. No switchbacks like we're used to in the US. The treks go straight up and straight down over mountains, very often on high rock steps so you need to be in pretty good shape. Having said that, we are in our early 50s, 60s and we did fine. But we also live at 6,000 so the elevation (13,000 +) was not a problem. We also stopped for tea along the way and for lunch, all arranged by our guide. And we spent the nights in small villages, also selected by our guide. Meals and accommodations were good. In all a great adventure!
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