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Posted by pervez madrigal on 30-03-2019 07:52:26 in International Business never


Dear Clients,
Our Partner, the Largest employment agency in Fiji Island and New Zealand, requires the Following:

Hotel Receptionist (Male/Female) Chef, Waitress, Kitchen-hand and Dishwasher.
Vacancy for Office Assistant, Sales Girls, Baby Sitter/Child Carrier/Nanny
Vacancy for Panel Beater & Motor Mechanics, Aluminum Fabricators, Automotive Electrician,
Carpenters , welders, License Drivers (Trucks /Caterpillars).

Age Limit: Up to 40 years for Chef, Aluminum Fabricators, License Drivers and Carpenters.
Up to 30 years for , Sales Girls, Baby Sitter/Child Carrier/Nanny,Hotel Receptionist.
Terms: 2years contract (Renewable), free Accommodation,Medicals, Air tickets(Annual return tickets). working hours will be 66hrs per week (6days) .

Requirements: CV, Educational qualifications,professional and service certificates, Copy of Pport (travel Document), 1 photo size pport, Application fee $ 300.

NB: All required documents to be submitted in English.

For Inquiries call/ Whatspp: +1(325)400-6242 / +1(325)735-0345

Email: globatravelseducation@gmail.com


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Matrix Travels
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URGENT EMPLOYMENT - Visa Quarranteed
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