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Alliance Pvt. Ltd. is a repair and training centre for laptop and desktop in Kathmandu, Nepal. After gaining an experience of more than a decade at RITTCOMP COMPANY in India, we have made it our mission to improvise and develop the technology industry here in Nepal. We are an established and successful customer service. We are situated in Putalisadak in front of the Shanker Dev Campus. Our company provides a wide range of services relating to laptops, smartphones, CCTV cameras, and other technological devices.

We use BGA Machine, CRO Machine, SMD Machine, BIOS Flasher, Diagnostic Card, BIOS Programmer, etc. to provide training services that are the best in quality and sync with modern technology. After our market research, we have discovered that we have essentially gained the highest ratings in the field. This, in itself, is proof of our reliability. Alliance focuses on productivity and growth, integrating both practical and theoretical knowledge. We have guaranteed employment rates that can help you start your career right away.

Alliance Pvt. Ltd. has been established with a grand vision of advancing the technological world with the young human resources of today. The field of technology has excellent prospects in today's world, and we share a vision of empowering your skills with our training to help you build a career in different areas of technology.


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Alliance Pvt Ltd
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Private Limited
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Kathmandu Mahanagarpalika
Technical and vocational secondary education, Higher Education
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Our Services:

  • Chip Level Laptop Repair Training
  • Chip Level Mobile Repair Training
  • iPhone Repair Training
  • CCTV Camera Training
  • MacBook Repair In Nepal
  • Computer Hardware Repair Training
  • CCTV Camera Repair And Installation Training
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