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Posted by Dr. Mohamed Mosalah on 26-10-2019 14:57:26 in International Business never


Working Capital Loans: Any business cannot be run without the financial aid. Our working capital loans facilitate your daily business needs. We ensure that your business is run as smoothly as possible with our hassle-free and easy working capital loans.

Our quick and hassle-free SME Loans are tailor-made for your varied business requirements. So be it expanding a small business or accumulating funds for new purchases – rest assured, Dr. Mohamed Loan Firm will be by your side for all your financial needs.

Along the way, we have helped so many people re-established their businesses. We are proud of our records of stability and growth.

All Interested request should be forwarded to the email below.

Contact Dr.Mohamed Loan Firm via
Email: dr.mohamedmosalah@gmail.com


Organization Name
Dr. Mohamed Loan Firm
Product or Service
financial service
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Country of Establishment
Dr. Mohamed Mosalah
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cairo egypt
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