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Do you want to spend your summer vacation in Tibet? Do you want to enjoy special discounts for your Tibet tour? Do you want to explore Tibet tourism during summer season? If you want to book Tibet Tour Package for your Tibet trip, we can help you a lot. We are the best tour agency in Tibet, offering the best deals especially in the summer season. We provide the big discounts for booking the first and long term trip for Tibet. You can book your trip online, our tour agents will help you appropriately.

Great Tibet tour is a local tour operator based in Lhasa, Tibet. It founded in 1999 and recommended by Lonely Planet as one of the best reputed local Tibet travel agencies. it specializes in arranging Tibet travel for foreigners, as well as other parts of China & Nepal.

It is also one of the biggest private international travel agencies established in Lhasa licensed by China’s National Tourism Bureau.




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