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Posted by Yudhir on 25-12-2019 22:41:17 in Education & Training never


Hey Guys, im basically trying to teach a course on Electronic Music Production, duration will be around 2 months, 4 classes a week. I'll be teaching from the very basic to advanced stuffs.. 


Introduction to Digital Audio Workstation and its role in music production process. Understanding its interfaces, setting it up for recording, handling basic tasks like using key commands for easier workflow, what are loops and different types, manipulating and arranging audio and midi apple loops, basics of music arrangement, audio processing,

Signal Chain : Understanding how audio signal travels in a studio and learning to optimise before capturing it. Learning to recognise and choose the best equipment for your workflow.

Understanding what is mono and stereo signal and learning various microphone techniques to capture the sounds of musical instruments like drums, bass, guitar, violin, saxophone.

Audio Editing: Learning to recognise the well recorded audio signal which needs less audio correction/processing and delving into different ways of editing audio in Logic Pro X & Ableton Live. Exploring the different editing tools and learning to edit audio regions with them, learning comp editing, adding fades and cross fades to signal, editing within audio track editor, and Alignment of audio regions.

 Understanding what is MIDI, The word MIDI programming, Software Instrument and MIDI Interface. Exploring the power of MIDI and its role in context of producing music. Understanding what are sound patches and how to use them from DAW library, Creating a layered sound patch and mapping a software instrument with external controller.

Drum Programming: Learning Various Drum Programming techniques using Logic Pro X drumming technology & Ableton Live. This will allow you to produce organic sounding acoustic and electronic drums and beats.



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