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About us:


Merojameen.com is created to bridge the gap between Buyer/ seller for gaining properties related to buildings, lands, apartments directly linking both parties without any hidden agent commission. Real estate marketplace. Merojameen a single platform where you are offered to look for the buyer and seller of any variety of real estate. We provide you to sell/rent/build your real estate property houses, apartments, offices, flats, and lands, in any parts of Nepal. The digital, as well as the field marketing and advertisement policies and strategies adopted by our team, helps you to buy/sell/rent/ build your desired properties during a short span of time.

How will you get to buy it??

You can find all the details quickly and conveniently which will be updated on a daily basis on our website. Our search option will help you to go through the desired properties that you wish to buy. You can watch videos, images, maps as well as rates for the accurate location and status of the selected properties before contacting the property owner. You will have the full right in selecting the perfect properties that suit your expectation, budget, and location.

How will you get to sell for it?

If you are intending to sell your properties, Yes! You are at the right platform for that, Just after filling a form and taking membership of our company you can have the access to sell your properties at your expected price. All your information provided will be updated on our sites which will help the buyer to get information about the properties. Along with that, our team will digitally advertise your properties through other platforms as well (e.g Facebook, Viber, Instagram, WhatsApp). Any interested buyer counting in our contact will be directly approached to you for the settlement and the jobs to be done.


No doubt we are providing service all over Nepal, but for ease of buyer and seller, we have an individual team for the different selected places of Nepal like Kathmandu/ Bhaktapur/ Lalitpur/ Bharatpur/ Kavre/ Hetauda/ Janakpur/ Biratnagar/ Rajbiraj/ Bardibas/ Sindhuli).

Contact us for further details as provided on our website

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Janakpur Upa-Mahanagarpalika
Real estate activities with own or leased property, Real estate activities on a fee or contract basis, Renting of land transport equipment, Renting of water transport equipment, Renting of air transport equipment, Renting of agricultural machinery and equipment, Renting of construction and civil engineering machinery, Renting of office machinery and equipment, Renting of other machinery and equipment, Renting of personal and households, Maintenance and repair of office accounting and computing machinery, Other computer related activities, Legal activities, Advertising, Building cleaning activities, Packaging activities, Other business activities
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