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Is Canada Attractive Destination for Students from Nepal ?

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Canada is probably the best destination of all for International Students . Every year Tens of Thousands students around world get enrolled in Canadian Universities and Colleges.Canada’s World wide recognization of the Institutions, Social Security System, Equal Opportunities for all after graduation are key attractive issues for the international Students wishing to study there. Every Thousands of Students from Nepal get enrolled in different universities and Colleges in Canada .

Canada is the country that houses one of the top-notch educational institutions around the continent. The Canadian education system that’s primarily managed at the province level has a powerful foundation based on huge investments that are being channeled towards the improvement of educational infrastructure. More importantly, the Canadian education system supports both private and public education systems that are spread throughout the country. We have made some logical points that proves Canada as attractive destination for Students from Nepal.

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Security, Peace and Opportunity for all What Makes Canada so Interesting and Livable !

Worldwide Recognization and Reputation of Universities and Colleges

Canada’s Colleges and Universities are worldwide recognized and well esteemed .There are basically two types of Institution Public and Private Institutions. There are a wide variety of higher education institutions which you can choose from in Canada, each located across a wide range of environments as well as having strong reputations in distinct subject areas. Similar to the States, in Canada you can choose to study at a technical or community college if you have a particular career in mind; or you can transfer to a university to continue your studies at undergraduate level.

Canada’s Tuition fee is relatively Low !

International Students can study relatively in less Tuition fee compared to other destinations around the world. Most Programs tuition Fees starts from $13000 to $23000. This figure can be two times less than other destination’s tuition fee primarily of USA. However Medical Programs and other demanding Careers program may cost annually approximately $40000 to $90000


Part Time Work Permit For Students and Open Work Permit for Spouse

International Students can work 20 Hours during study period and Full-time during holidays. Students can get up to 3 years Post studies Work Permit as well. In addition, Student’s spouse can seek open work permit which allows spouse to work full-time .Different PNP and Express Entry Program provides Settlement opportunities to the students soon after graduation.

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Canadian Institutions offers Grants & Scholarship to International Students

There are some scholarships in Canada that are offered by Canadian universities, government and other Institutions for Nepalese students with outstanding Academic Performance and English Score. The sole purpose of these scholarships is to enable students from Nepali to overcome financial limitations in the quest for their academic careers. If you’re a Nepalese student that has been searching for a Canadian scholarship, here are the lists of the top 5 scholarships that you should apply for: H.Y Louie & Lohn Entrance Awards, Quest University Scholarships , York University’s VISTA Masters Scholarships, The University of Alberta Scholarships, UBC Vantage College Awards

More Liberal and Welcoming Approach to International Students

Canada has embraced more liberal and welcoming approach to International Students . Data shows that more than 640000 international Students in the year of 2019 alone got study permit in different institutions across Canada. Canadian government has worked from policy level to increase number of international students in next four years. International students are recently considered as productive young migrants to Canadian Community and Contributed more to Economy.

Safe & Stable Country, Cool Community and High Quality of Life

Canada has aways won title of the safest and most stable country in world survey conducted by different forums.Since Canada has low crime rate and less racism and predominantly responsible citizens, it is is safest and most stable destination for International Students and all . In addition, Students can experience good quality of life due to cool welfare systems and Canadian Government Equal and inclusive approach to all.

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Recent surveys have showed that sentiments towards Canada have improved. Source: Dave

In conclusion Canada is proved a very good destination for International students and Nepalese Students.Canadian Education System, Government and Community approach to international Students, Low Tuition fee, Opportunities for Students all these factors made Canada best country for the Nepalese Students.

For More: Goreto Educational Consultancy

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Goreto Consultancy Team with Years of Experience in Study in Canada Counseling Field

Goreto Educational Consultancy also has aim of helping more and more eligible students from Nepal wishing to pursue higher education in Canada. However, Students have to meet fundamental requirement in order to get qualified to study in Canada. Thereafter, One of our advisors will guide you through out the process from. We have enlisted few of points that justify Canada best destination for Nepalese students seeking academic career in Canada


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