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Posted by prithvi on 28-02-2021 16:25:54 in Education & Training never


As a biomedical engineer, I have created this personal blog for two main purposes. The first one is that I will be sharing the information that I have garnered in the field of health and technology.  I will be doing an in-depth dissection of any medical equipment, spare parts, consumables (such as glassware, plasticware, chemicals, etc) used in hospitals, blood banks, pharmaceuticals, medical colleges, etc.  I will be sharing my experience with you regarding these products. Besides that, I will also try to eliminate many misconceptions that I have seen in day to day life.

The second purpose will be another of the products that I supply directly. Besides that, if you have inquiries about other instruments or consumables, you can text me. I will either deliver it to you or ask my business partners to contact you.

Hope that my information will be helpful to you.


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