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Posted by Sumulya Nepal on 05-03-2021 20:54:05 in Wholesale & Retail Supply never


Website: sumulya.com
Sumulya.com is a growing e-commerce platform based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Sumlya niche market is an online grocery however sumulya provides a large range of products as per customer need. Grocery, Household Item, Baby & Mother Care, Beverage, Personal care are some of the top categories you can explore in Sumulya.

Sumulya promotes locally manufactured products, organic foods, pulses and vegetables.
Same day delivery and Free delivery for order more than NPR 1000. Sumulya is a fairly new e-commerce site compared to other sites in this list. However, because of great customer service and high tech technologies used to build its website are the reasons for its rising popularity.
Club Membership
Sumulya offers a club membership feature which is a radical idea in Nepals’ online market. For now sumulya membership fee is free for registered users. Members will get upto 25% discounts on most of the products.
Customer Feedback Loop
Sumulya.com offers this unique feature for its members. Customers will be asked how long it will take to consume that product, then the customer will get a call from sumulya to alert and verify delivery of that product in time. This helps customers by great means.


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Sumulya Nepal PVT LTD
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Private Limited
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Sumulya Nepal
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Bought organic honey

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