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Posted by Thermotech on 30-04-2022 09:29:17 in Construction & Engineering never


Thermotech - HVAC Solutions, Provider of complete HVAC solutions (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems and complete solutions. We provide customers with customized solutions based on proper requirement analysis and system design.

As the importer of all types of air conditioning, ventilation, and heating solution-based equipment, we, Thermotech - HVAC Solution supply the system directly to the client.
With a blend of highly experienced, energetic, and innovative young professionals currently serving many trustworthy organizations, our organization focuses on quality assurance, perfect energy saving solutions, and environmentally friendly system designs. Since 2002, we have been committed to enhancing your trust, providing clean and high-quality installation, after-sales services, and genuine prices to our valued customers, and ensuring consistent and dependable support services all over the world.
We provide services, restaurants, clubs, pubs, gyms, hotels, airport, commercial buildings, industrial sector and many more.
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Site preparation, Building of complete construction or parts thereof civil engineering, Building installation, Building completion
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Private Limited
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