Copper (Tama) Butte GhyaDewa Batti 21 cm


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About Dewa

GhyaDewa (Newari), Ghya meaning Ghee/Butter and Dewa meaning Lamp or Batti (Nepal) is a traditional lamp that is lamped with ghee in the Nepalese religious community. It is mostly used in Hindu and Buddhist religion. This lamp comes in mostly two materials: br and copper. The lamps are placed and lighten throughout the day in different monasteries in front of deities. It is also lamped in Hindu Temples as a form of deep religious rituals. They are believed to banish darkness[Wikipedia]. These lamps are also lit in front of deities in houses as well. This lamp also comes in different sizes.

In Modern Day, furthermore, the lamp is also used as a form of decoration. It is honestly very pleasant for natural light to be present in front of lamps. It can also be decorated in racks, house doors as well as different places of the houses.


Unique Property of Copper Items

Copper items inherently catch the eyes of guests or even anyone visiting your house because of it's different color than the rest of appliances, it's shine and its unique shape from other cubicle items.



  • Elegant Tibetan Design

  • Butta carved in two spots

  • Good Quality Copper, maintains shine if cleaned regularly

  • Amazing smooth finishing

  • Large: Estd. 1 - 1.5 litre capacity

  • Long Time Burning: Burns for about 2-3 days approx in full capacity



Upper Diameter: 15 cm

Lower Diameter: 10 cm

Height: 21 cm



0.6 kgs

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Haugal, Tichhu Galli, Lalitpur Tichhu Galli Street

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सिद्धि रत्न भाँडा पसल (Siddhi Ratna Brass Copper Shop) (2)
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Copper (Tama) Butte GhyaDewa Batti 21 cm

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