Biskoon is a cutting-edge online marketing platform for listing a diverse range of items from any location

About Company

Welcome to Biskoon®, the premier online marketing platform that provides a convenient one-stop solution for buying, selling, and discovering anything within your community. Biskoon Marketing Pvt. Ltd., registered in 8 Mahalaxmi, Lalitpur BA 44700 and License No. 178004/074/075 and VAT No. 606853477, is a legitimate platform established in 2017 and registered under the Nepal government. Our platform facilitates direct connections between individuals and businesses, enabling business-to-customer (B2C) and customer-to-customer (C2C) transactions without intermediaries.

Biskoon® is a powerful and results-driven ultimate online marketing platform that serves as a dynamic bridge between advertisers and seekers across 325+ categories. With its cutting-edge features, Biskoon® enables users to create state-of-the-art listings that attract potential customers. The platform also offers the advantage of professional landing pages, presenting a seamless and engaging experience for visitors.

Our primary objective is to empower our users to establish an online community that facilitates the redistribution of underutilized goods and services. To achieve this, we utilize innovative online marketing methodologies that promote your goods, services, and businesses. Join Biskoon today and experience the benefits of a vibrant, community-based online marketplace.