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Domain & Email Essential Addons

Boost your online presence by adding your own domain and email to your listing

As an authorized partner of P.D.R Solutions (U.S.) LLC, Biskoon offers affordable server solutions including domain registration, business and enterprise email, and Google Workspace. We are committed to offering you the most efficient online tools to help you succeed in your online marketing pursuits.

Get free domain setup for your Google Workspace, Business, and Enterprise email solutions including ticket support.


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Web services addon packages are products provided by P.D.R Solutions (U.S.) LLC, which we resell as authorized reseller, that include domain registration with free emails, business email, enterprise email, or google workspace, as well as web hosting products, available at and useful for online marketing efforts.

Biskoon offers a service to customers who buy professional email services such as business email, enterprise email, or Google Workspace. This service involves Biskoon setting up the purchased domain for the customer, ensuring a seamless experience when using the offered services.

Biskoon's domain setup service is solely for the purpose of ensuring the proper functioning of the purchased services and does not involve creating or managing email accounts.

As an authorized partner of P.D.R Solutions (U.S.) LLC, Biskoon offers an array of cost-effective server solutions that includes domain registration, business and enterprise email, and Google Workspace, aimed at providing you with the best online tools to achieve success in your online marketing endeavors. Biskoon also provides reselling services for various products on its web services storefront website (, including:
  1. Domain name registration
  2. Domain name transfer
  3. Shared hosting
  4. Virtual servers
  5. Reseller hosting
  6. Cloud hosting
  7. Business email
  8. Enterprise email
  9. Google workspace
  10. SSL certificates
  11. SiteLock
  12. Codeguard website backup
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