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TAPASYA || तपस्या भाग- ९ || Nepali Family Serial || Binod Shrestha, Swanika Bastola

Where Financial Struggles Unfold and Resilience Takes Center Stage!
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TAPASYA || तपस्या भाग- ९ || Nepali Family Serial || Binod Shrestha, Swanika Bastola

New Episode 9
Duration 00:24:46 . Rating G Normal

मनमोहक नाटक शृङ्खला "TAPASYA || तपस्या" मा विश्वव्यापी आर्थिक मन्दीको कठोर यथार्थमा एउटा सुखी र खुशी पारिवारिक जीवनमा उथल पुथल ल्याउछ भन्ने देखाइएको छ।  केन्द्रीय कथा आर्थिक सङ्घर्ष र आर्थिक उथलपुथलको चपेटामा परेको मध्यमवर्गीय परिवारले अपनाएका नवीन समाधानहरूको वरिपरि घुम्छ।

In the gripping drama series, "TAPASYA || तपस्या" viewers are plunged into the harsh realities of the global economic recession, exploring the profound impact on human lives. The central narrative revolves around the financial struggles and innovative solutions adopted by a resilient middle-class family facing the brunt of economic turmoil.


  • Rosani Sapkota
  • Binod Shrestha
  • Swanika Bastola
  • Jeevan Jung Thapa
  • Rukmila Adhikari
  • Uttam KC
  • Hima Thapa
  • Surendra Chapagain
  • Rajendra Giri (Gundruke)

Behind the Scenes:

Makeup: Sharmila Sunuwar
Camera: Prabesh Pokhrel
Alap/Voice: Raj Sigdel, Nandani Adhikari
Background Sound: Binaya Karki
Edit/Colour: Rajendra Manandhar, Mitra Dev Gurung
Writer/Screenplay: Raj Kiran Bista
Production Advisor: Parshuram Rijal
Story/Direction: Jiwan Shahi Special
Pramod Raj Nyaupane (UK)

Production Details: "TAPASYA || तपस्या" is brought to you by Tapasya Entertainment, promising a riveting exploration of the human spirit in the face of financial adversity.

Subscribe and Engage: Don't miss out on the unfolding drama. Subscribe to the official YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/@tapasyaentertainment for the latest updates.

Important Notice: All songs, music, and videos on this channel are protected by copyright. Any unauthorized copying or uploading to other channels is strictly prohibited and will be dealt with according to applicable laws. Embedding content on a website is permitted.

© Tapasya Entertainment 2023 Experience the intensity, emotion, and resilience in "TAPASYA || तपस्या" exclusively on the official YouTube channel. Remember to like, share, subscribe, and comment to support the creators! 👏👏


A Family Entertainment Serial


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तपस्या भाग ​-१, २, ३

तपस्या भाग - ३: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGhCtoNasIA तपस्या भाग ​-२: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74v3rsvT320 तपस्या भाग ​-१: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_g7IjHTA4M

Tapasya Entertainment: "TAPASYA" Nepali Serial Trailer 2023

Witness the gripping trailer of "TAPASYA" - a new Nepali serial by Tapasya Entertainment featuring acclaimed actors. Dive into a realm of drama and culture.

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