Earn money with our Reseller Program

By reselling Biskoon Packages with ease, you can earn a commission of 10% on each sale. Simply provide the buyer with your reseller email address and you're all set!

Our reselling process is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to anyone who wants to earn additional income. It's a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and individuals who want to earn money by promoting our platform to their network of advertisers and seekers. With our simple and hassle-free reselling process, you can start earning income with just a few clicks.

Minimum threshold for fund transfer

For NPR, commission: 6,500.00
For USD, commission: 49.00
First Sale : Within 3 Months

To be eligible for a transfer, the reseller must meet the specified sales commission amount. Transfers for NPR amounts can be made through bank accounts, and for USD amounts, through Payoneer.

Earn 10% commission
on each Biskoon Package sale!

Effortlessly resell with simplicity

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Frequently Asked Questions

Biskoon's platform is advantageous to all, from individuals to corporations seeking marketing and web services. As it benefits everyone, why not share it with others and reap the benefits of doing so?

That's why we offer the Biskoon reseller program, which involves reselling Biskoon packages. Please note that this does not include reselling products or items listed on the Biskoon marketing portal by other listers.

The program entails reselling only the products and services provided by Biskoon marketing.

Biskoon’s registered user can simply register as reseller by following this reseller registration link. Any biskoon user can be a reseller of biskoon packages. There is no specific terms and conditions other than apply to biskoon users.

Biskoon makes it easy for you to receive your commission by simplifying the calculation and transfer of funds, ensuring a seamless transfer to your account. To receive your commission, all buyers need to do is add your registered email address as a reseller on Biskoon. Once added, you can view the commission calculation in your reseller dashboard, making the process hassle-free.

Buyers must add the reseller's email address in the designated field at the time of purchase, otherwise, the reseller commission will be invalid.

The reseller account will be deactivated, and they will need to wait for three months to reapply for the reseller program.

If a reseller makes their first sale within a three-month period, their account will remain active and will not be deactivated.

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