Biskoon's Reseller Program

Biskoon offers a Reseller Program that allows individuals to earn money by promoting the platform and reselling Biskoon Packages. Resellers earn a 10% commission on each sale by simply asking the buyer to include their reseller email address.

Biskoon's Reseller Program is user-friendly and accessible to anyone who wants to earn additional income. It's an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs and individuals looking to promote the platform to their network of buyers and sellers. With Biskoon's simple and hassle-free reselling process, anyone can start earning income with just a few clicks.

Minimum threshold for fund transfer

For NPR, commission: 6,500.00
For USD, commission: 49.00
First Sale : Within 3 Months

To be eligible for a transfer, the reseller must meet the specified sales commission amount. Transfers for NPR amounts can be made through bank accounts, and for USD amounts, through Payoneer.

Earn 10% commission
on each Biskoon Package sale!

Resell with ease and simplicity

All you have to do is ask the buyer to include your reseller email address when purchasing any Biskoon package. That's it!
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