Bajhang District, located in the far-western region of Nepal, has a rich historical past with cultural influences from various dynasties and ancient trade routes. It was historically a part of the Bajhang Kingdom and played a vital role in the region's history.


Bajhang District is known for its diverse geography, ranging from high mountain peaks to deep valleys. The district is adorned with picturesque landscapes, dense forests, and pristine rivers.


The district is home to various ethnic groups, each preserving its unique cultural traditions, music, dances, and festivals. The cultural diversity adds color to the local lifestyle.


Agriculture is the backbone of Bajhang's economy, with crops like rice, wheat, and maize being major contributors. The district also has potential in sectors like tourism and traditional handicrafts.


Bajhang District has industries like agriculture-based processing, traditional handicrafts, and small-scale enterprises. Small businesses play a vital role in contributing to the local economy.


Tourism in Bajhang is an emerging sector, offering opportunities for nature-based tourism and trekking. The district's serene environment and unexplored trails attract trekkers and adventure enthusiasts.

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