Ghorahi carries a rich historical heritage, with evidence of ancient settlements and cultural influences from different periods.


Situated in Dang District, Lumbini Province, Nepal, Ghorahi boasts diverse topography, including hills, forests, and fertile plains.


The cultural fabric of Ghorahi is a blend of various ethnicities, each contributing unique customs, music, dances, and festivals.


Ghorahi's economy thrives on agriculture, with crops like paddy, maize, millet, and sugarcane. Additionally, industries and trade play a vital role.


Ghorahi offers educational opportunities with schools, colleges, and vocational training centers, promoting knowledge and skills among its residents.


Industries in Ghorahi encompass agriculture-based ventures, handicrafts, textiles, and a growing focus on tourism-related activities.


Ghorahi serves as a gateway to explore the captivating Rani Mahal and offers access to nearby scenic destinations, attracting nature enthusiasts.

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