Lamki Chuha, located in Kailali District, Sudurpaschim Province, Nepal, has a rich historical heritage with traces of ancient civilizations and cultural influences that have shaped the region's identity.


Lamki Chuha boasts a diverse geography, featuring lush green forests, fertile plains, and beautiful rivers. The region's natural beauty offers ample opportunities for eco-tourism and outdoor activities.


The people of Lamki Chuha celebrate their vibrant culture through colorful festivals, traditional music, dance, and art forms. The local customs and traditions are deeply ingrained in their way of life.


Agriculture is the backbone of Lamki Chuha's economy, with crops like rice, wheat, and sugarcane being cultivated. The region also thrives on small-scale industries, trade, and commerce.


Lamki Chuha is committed to providing quality education to its residents. The region has schools and educational institutions that cater to the academic needs of the local community.


The industries in Lamki Chuha include agriculture-related businesses, manufacturing units, and handicrafts. The region is known for its production of textiles, pottery, and metalwork.


Lamki Chuha offers unique tourism experiences, including visits to historical sites, nature reserves, and cultural landmarks. The region's warm hospitality and scenic beauty attract travelers from near and far.

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