Shivaraj, nestled in the heart of Kapilvastu District, Lumbini Province, Nepal, boasts a rich historical past, with links to ancient civilizations and dynasties.


Surrounded by picturesque landscapes, Shivaraj offers a scenic setting with lush green fields and serene natural beauty.


The culture of Shivaraj is deeply rooted in the traditions of both Hinduism and Buddhism, reflected in its festivals and religious practices.


The local economy of Shivaraj relies on agriculture, with farming and related activities being the primary source of livelihood for the residents.


Education holds significant importance in Shivaraj, with schools and educational institutions striving to provide quality learning opportunities.


Shivaraj's industries are primarily agro-based, with agricultural processing and small-scale enterprises contributing to the local economy.


Shivaraj offers an enriching experience for tourists with its historical sites, ancient ruins, and spiritual landmarks, attracting travelers seeking cultural insights.

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