Siraha City has a rich historical background, with evidence of ancient civilizations dating back to the prehistoric period. It was once a part of the Mithila Kingdom and later ruled by various dynasties.


Located in the southeastern region of Nepal, Siraha City is situated in the Terai plains. The landscape is characterized by fertile lands and numerous rivers, including the Kamala River.


Siraha is renowned for its vibrant and diverse culture. It is predominantly inhabited by the Maithil community, known for their unique art, literature, and distinct festivals like Chhath and Holi.


Agriculture forms the backbone of the local economy, with crops like rice, wheat, sugarcane, and jute being major contributors. The region also engages in small-scale industries and trade.


Siraha City is making significant strides in the education sector, with schools and colleges providing quality education to its residents.


Aside from agriculture, the city is witnessing growth in industries related to agro-processing, textiles, and cottage industries, contributing to the economic development of the region.


Siraha offers unique cultural experiences to tourists, with ancient temples, traditional festivals, and the warm hospitality of the locals being major attractions.

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