Golbazar City has a rich historical heritage, with its roots dating back to ancient times. It was once an important trade hub along the historic trade route between India and Nepal.


Located in the southeastern part of Nepal, Golbazar City is situated in the fertile plains of the Terai region. It is surrounded by lush green fields and is crossed by several small rivers.


Golbazar is a melting pot of diverse cultures, with people from various ethnic backgrounds living harmoniously. The city is known for its colorful festivals, including Dashain, Tihar, and Chhath.


Agriculture is the primary economic activity in Golbazar, with the region producing a significant amount of rice, wheat, and sugarcane. Additionally, small-scale industries and businesses also contribute to the economy.


Golbazar City is making progress in the field of education, with schools and colleges providing access to quality education to its residents.


The city is home to various small-scale industries, including agro-based industries, handicrafts, and trade, which contribute to the local economy.


Golbazar offers a unique cultural experience to visitors, with its historical landmarks, temples, and local festivals attracting tourists.

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