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Farming of cattles and dairy farming | Quarrying of stone, sand and clay | Manufacture of article of cement, concrete and plaster | Regulation of and contribution to more efficient operation of business | Production, processing and preserving of meat and meat products | Site preparation | Manufacturing of prepared animal feeds | Renting of construction or demolition equipment with operator | Manufacture of cement, lime and plaster products | Sale, maintenance and repair of motor cycles and related parts and | Financial leasing | Sawmilling and plaiting of wood | Manufacture of builders carpentry and joinary | Fishing, operating of fish hatchery and fish farms service activity | Freight transport by road | Renting of construction and civil engineering machinery | Growing of cereals and other crops . | Real estate activities with own or leased property | Whole sale of machinery equipment and supplies | Building completion | Activities of travel agencies and tour operators, tourist assistance activities | Building of complete construction or parts thereof civil engineering | Architectural and engineering activities and related technical consultancy | Growing of fruits, nuts, beverage and spice crops | Manufacture of structural metal | Manufacture of refractory ceramic products | Wholesale of construction materials hardware, plumbing and heating | Cut stones



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