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Marcopolo restaurant was established under the sole initiation of Rubiolo Battista, an Italian chef, back in 1987. He popularized Italian food of his part of the world to Nepal, which was quite an idea in Nepal during the 80s'. His knowledge of Italian cooking and unique presentation made Marco Polo a must-visit place among the local food lovers and international travellers. Marcopolo’s signature delicacies not just became the talk of the town, but also showed the delicious side of cultural blending to the Nepali folks. Now, Marcopolo is back again with Robi’s time-tested experience and ever-young creativity to present more interesting varieties that include the entire Mediterranean cuisine. Marco Polo is eager as always to take all the passionate gastronomes on the food adventure that is sure to be more tantalizing than ever.


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Marcopolo Restaurant
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Kathmandu Mahanagarpalika
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Mandala Street, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal
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