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Study in Australia from Nepal is the right decision to make for abroad education. Did you know that Australia is the 6th biggest country in the world by landmass but is ranked 55 in terms of population with an approximate count of 25 million people and contributes less than 0.35% of the world’s population? Modern Australia evolved to what it is today only after 1901 when 6 colonies federation to from the commonwealth of Australia and till today millions of people aspire to move to Australia whether its for education, employment or simply migrate. Some of the topmost livable cities in the world are in Australia and so does some of the most highly ranked universities who excel in research which have brought a positive change in the world that we live in.

Australia today has become one of the most preferred destinations for international students and it certainly not going to stop anytime soon. With superior standard education, high-quality lifestyle, provision for international students to work part-time, provision of post-study work option for Australian degree holders, option to bring the students dependent partner (spouse) during the study and many other factors make Australia one amazing destination presenting a diverse multicultural environment for the students to get study in.


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