Janakpur is a historically significant city, believed to be the birthplace of Goddess Sita and the ancient capital of the Mithila Kingdom. It holds immense importance in Hindu mythology and is associated with the epic Ramayana.


Located in the southern plains of Nepal, Janakpur lies in the Terai region. It is traversed by rivers like Dudhmati, Jalad, and Rato, making the land fertile and suitable for agriculture.


Janakpur is renowned for its vibrant Maithili culture, art, and traditions. The city hosts various festivals, including Vivah Panchami and Ram Navami, with grand celebrations and processions.


Agriculture is the primary economic activity in Janakpur, with rice, wheat, and sugarcane being the main crops. The city's handicrafts, particularly Mithila paintings, are also an essential part of its economy.


Janakpur has made significant strides in education, with schools, colleges, and a university contributing to the development of human resources in the region.


The city's industries include sugar mills, rice mills, and agro-based enterprises. Additionally, the handloom and handicraft industries also thrive here, providing employment opportunities to locals.


Janakpur is a major pilgrimage site for Hindus, attracting devotees from Nepal and India. The Janaki Temple, dedicated to Goddess Sita, is a significant tourist attraction. The city's cultural heritage and festivals also draw visitors.

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