Simraungadh has a significant historical background, with evidence of ancient civilizations. The city has witnessed various rulers and dynasties that have shaped its cultural heritage.


Simraungadh is situated in the flat plains of Madhesh, with fertile land and a warm climate. The region is traversed by rivers like Gandak and Ratuwa, providing valuable resources for agriculture and trade.


The city boasts a rich cultural tapestry, representing the amalgamation of various ethnicities and traditions. Festivals like Holi, Dashain, and Eid are celebrated with enthusiasm, showcasing the harmony among its diverse inhabitants.


Agriculture is the backbone of Simraungadh's economy, with crops like paddy, wheat, and sugarcane being the primary produce. Additionally, industries like textiles and small-scale manufacturing contribute to the city's economic growth.


Efforts are being made to improve the educational infrastructure in Simraungadh, with schools and colleges being established to provide quality education to the local population.


Simraungadh hosts various industries, including sugar mills, textiles, and agro-based businesses. These industries play a crucial role in generating employment and boosting the city's economy.


While not a major tourist destination, Simraungadh offers glimpses of authentic Madheshi lifestyle and traditions. Visitors can explore local markets, historic sites, and experience the warm hospitality of the locals.

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