Koshi Province has a storied past, with historical significance dating back to ancient times. It was once part of various powerful kingdoms, including the Malla and Kirat dynasties, and played a crucial role in shaping Nepal's history.


Koshi Province is known for its diverse geography, comprising flat plains in the Terai region and hilly areas in the northern part. It is home to the Koshi River, one of the major rivers in Nepal, and the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, a haven for wildlife enthusiasts.


The culture of Koshi Province is rich and varied, influenced by the diverse ethnic communities that call the region home. People from various backgrounds, including Maithili, Bhojpuri, Tharu, Limbu, and Rai, coexist harmoniously and celebrate a wide range of festivals and traditions.


Koshi Province's economy is primarily agrarian, with agriculture being the mainstay. The fertile plains yield crops like rice, wheat, sugarcane, and jute. Additionally, the region has potential in sectors like tourism, industry, and trade.


The province is committed to improving its education system, with efforts to increase access to quality education for its residents. It houses several schools, colleges, and universities that cater to the educational needs of the population.


Koshi Province hosts a mix of industries, including agro-based businesses, manufacturing, and trade. It is also home to emerging sectors like hydropower and tourism, contributing to the region's economic growth.


Koshi Province offers diverse tourism opportunities. The Terai region boasts popular destinations like Biratnagar and Dharan, while the hills offer serene landscapes and trekking trails. The region's cultural sites and festivals also attract tourists seeking authentic experiences.

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