Udayapur District has a fascinating history that dates back to ancient times. It was once a part of the Malla kingdom and later came under the rule of the Gorkha dynasty. The region has witnessed historical events that have shaped its identity and culture.


Located in the eastern region of Nepal, Udayapur is a diverse district with hills, valleys, and plains. The landscape is adorned with lush green forests, scenic rivers, and stunning waterfalls.


Udayapur is known for its rich cultural heritage, influenced by various ethnic communities like Rai, Limbu, Magar, and Tamang. Festivals like Sakela, Ubhauli, and Udhauli are celebrated with great enthusiasm.


Agriculture is the backbone of Udayapur's economy, with crops like rice, maize, millet, and vegetables being grown. The district also has potential in sectors like animal husbandry and agro-processing.


Udayapur is gradually improving its education sector, with efforts to enhance literacy rates and promote quality education. The district has schools and colleges catering to the educational needs of the local population.


The district is home to various industries, including small-scale enterprises and agro-based businesses. Additionally, Udayapur has potential in sectors like tourism and hydropower.


Udayapur offers serene natural beauty, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers and trekkers. The district is also known for historical sites and religious places, attracting tourists seeking cultural experiences.

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