We at Biskoon Marketing are thrilled to announce our significant accomplishment - securing the coveted 9th position among the top 101, advancing us into Phase II of the esteemed KMII 2080 Program, orchestrated by Kathmandu Metro Idea & Innovation! This milestone is a testament to our relentless commitment to innovation, continuous hard work, and substantial potential, igniting within us an immense sense of pride and reinvigorated drive to exceed our limits.

Biskoon at Kathmandu Metro Idea & Innovation


Our journey so far has been marked by ceaseless pursuit of knowledge and boundless innovation. The KMII 2080 Program's pitching session illuminated our team's remarkable skills, ground-breaking ideas, and sturdy potential for scaling up. The challenge was significant, necessitating not just an in-depth grasp of our own ideas, but also the ability to convincingly present them. It was in this challenging environment that we unearthed our true potential.

Our innovative proposals garnered positive feedback, serving as a validation and fuelling us to press forward with renewed determination. Biskoon Marketing's landing in the 9th position among the top 101 contenders is a feat we are extremely proud of!

As we embark on the next phase of the KMII 2080 Program, we are filled with eagerness to collaborate with industry veterans who will contribute substantially to our professional development. While detailed information about the forthcoming phases is yet to be released, we are reassured that all pertinent updates and vital information will be communicated in a timely manner, keeping us in anticipation of every new development on our journey.

For those keen to delve deeper into the KMII 2080 Program or curious about other firms transitioning into Phase II, you can find the comprehensive list on the official website.

In addition, we have been awarded e-certificates acknowledging our place among the Top 101 applications - a token we deeply cherish. This serves as a constant reminder of our accomplishment and the innovative journey we have embarked on.

The path to Phase II was far from easy, but the experience has been thoroughly enriching. As we celebrate our achievements, we simultaneously gear up to tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities that the next phase promises. We extend our heartfelt thanks for your steadfast support and pledge to continue making you proud with our innovative endeavours.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Biskoon Marketing as we continue our exhilarating journey through Kathmandu Metro Idea & Innovation's KMII 2080 Program!

Biskoon Participation on Kathmandu Metro Idea & Innovation
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