Hello Biskoon Community! We're excited to reveal our freshly minted features aimed to bring a significant impact on local businesses, not only globally but more specifically within the culturally rich terrain of Nepal. Our firm belief in the potential of small and local businesses pushes us to continually innovate, providing platforms and tools that amplify their visibility, engagement, and overall efficiency. With our latest local listing enhancements and Geo-pages, we're set to make these businesses more accessible and influential than ever before.

Biskoon Nepal

Biskoon's Local Listings and Geo-pages in Nepal

Embark on an exploration journey through Biskoon's extensive local listings in Nepal, structured around provinces (Koshi, Madhesh, Bagamati, Gandaki, Lumbini, Karnali, and Sudurpaschim), districts, and prominent cities. You can browse these local listings here: https://www.biskoon.com/local.

But we go beyond just listings. Our Geo-pages offer a comprehensive dive into various facets of each location, including administrative details, historical background, geographical layout, cultural richness, economic growth, educational opportunities, local industries, and tourism allure. With our Geo-page initiatives, unlock the true essence of Nepal like never before.

Our Freshly Unveiled Local Listing Features

Increased Visibility:

We've entirely restructured our local listings to furnish businesses with unmatched visibility. Our refined algorithm now spotlights local businesses, boosting their visibility among users within their geographical area. This feature is a boon for businesses keen on nurturing or expanding their local clientele.

Sophisticated Search Functionality:

With an improved search algorithm, users can discover local businesses with ease and precision. Our search functionality is now upgraded with novel filters and sorting options, providing users with accurate search results to find exactly what they need, where they need it, and when they need it.

Interactive Map View:

Our brand-new Interactive Map View is nothing short of transformative. Users can now pinpoint businesses on an interactive map, offering a clear visual context of a business's location relative to the user. This feature simplifies navigation and planning for users.

Enhanced Business Profiles:

Business profiles have undergone a complete makeover to deliver a thorough snapshot of local businesses. They now encompass in-depth information, images, reviews, operating hours, and contact details. These enhancements assist businesses in showcasing their offerings optimally and enable customers to make well-informed decisions.

Real-Time Availability:

Our latest feature enables businesses to display their availability in real-time. Be it a restaurant with open tables, a shop with a specific product in stock, or a fitness center with available gym slots - users can access this information instantly. This feature significantly elevates the user experience by offering precise and timely information.

Robust Reviews and Ratings:

We've assimilated an advanced reviews and ratings system. Users can now provide detailed feedback about their business interactions and rate them on various parameters. This feature offers businesses crucial insights to continually refine their offerings and sets clear expectations for potential customers.

The Impact of Our New Features

These feature additions promise remarkable benefits for businesses and customers alike. Local businesses can now better display their products or services, engage more effectively with customers, and eventually, expand their customer base and boost their sales. Customers, in turn, can enjoy a more streamlined and enriched experience in their pursuit to support local businesses.

At Biskoon, we remain dedicated to empowering local businesses by offering a platform that delivers unparalleled visibility and engagement. Our new local listing features and Geo-pages represent a significant stride in this direction, promising to play a crucial role in propelling the success of local businesses, particularly within Nepal.

We are consistently working to enhance and innovate, cherishing all the feedback and support from our Biskoon community. Stay connected for more updates and improvements as we strive to make Biskoon the preferred platform for local businesses and their customers. We appreciate you being part of our vibrant journey!

Browse: https://www.biskoon.com/local

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